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A leading umbrella company built around you

Whether you’re new to contracting or are looking to switch from another umbrella solution, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable service provided by a team of contracting experts when you join MSH Payroll Solutions.

We're a hassle-free umbrella company

We’ll look after all your Income Tax and National Insurance obligations, plus provide you with all the employment rights and benefits given to permanent workers.

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    Saves you time

    Simply send us your timesheet and expense claims and we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy!

  • Tax and National Insurance

    We’ll look after all your Income Tax and National Insurance obligations, plus provide you with all the employment rights and benefits given to permanent workers.

  • It's all taken care of

    MSH Payroll leaves you free to get on with what you do best, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

Work for yourself, but never by yourself

Working through an umbrella company offers an ideal first step into contracting, without all the hassle and responsibility of paperwork. If you join us at MSH, we’ll be with you all the way, with employment support and benefits that are second to none.

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Goodbye admin!

Say goodbye endless paperwork, boring tax returns and accountancy expenses. Just submit your weekly or monthly timesheet.

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Quick and easy timesheets

Gain access to real time information to easily keep track of your working week and expected income.

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Tax/IR35 taken care of

We’ll deduct the necessary tax, submit your tax return and even arrange your tax payment to HMRC. We're also fully IR35 compliant.

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We make paying less tax, less taxing

We’ll handle your administration for you, calculating your tax and NI contributions and making payments to HMRC. At the same time, you’ll be paid swiftly and accurately, and there will always be someone available to talk to if you have any queries or concerns.

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The benefits of MSH Payroll Solutions

Having been established by contractors, we have a unique insight into the way contractors work and what they need from us. With expert head office staff, we are obsessive about excellent support and focused on ensuring you always get paid on time and in full. And after all these years, we know legislation and compliance issues inside out.

Fast payment

We run up to five payrolls per day and can process same-day payments too, so you're never left waiting for payment.

Expert support

Our expert team is on hand 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, and is even available on Saturdays 10am – 4pm

Working via a Limited Company?

Our Simplex service offers specialist accounting support to contractors working through limited companies.

We ensure full compliance

When you join MSH Payroll Solutions we ensure full compliance with the following regulations:


We're fully IR35 compliant so you'll never need to worry. IR35 has been the bane of many contractors’ lives for a long, long time and is certainly the most unpopular piece of legislation ever aimed at one sector of workers.


The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) were brought in on the 1st October 2011, are applicable to all ‘agency workers’. This aims to give you the same rights as if you were working for the end client (rather than agency).


GAAR came into effect on the 17th July 2013 and was introduced in order to counteract any ‘tax advantages arising from any tax arrangements that are abusive.” 

Onshore Intermediaries

On 6th April 2014 Onshore Employment Intermediaries legislation (false employment) was introduced as part of the 2014 budget. The aim of the legislation was to make sure that recruitment agencies who hire self-employed traders who are actually employees take responsibility for deducting PAYE income tax and NIC’s from their gross pay

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Services designed for all Contractors.

No matter what point in your journey you’re on, we have options available to assist you.

Our fully compliant umbrella company offers the first step into the world of contracting. When you join MSH we will take care of your administrative needs, so all you need to do is submit your timesheets.

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Maximise your income by claiming expenses


Expenses can help you maximise your income, but it can be difficult to know what you can and can’t claim for. When you join our umbrella company, we’ll make the process as easy as possible for you, helping you claim legitimate expenses whilst ensuring you’re 100% HMRC compliant. You can even claim for the cost of things like iPads and laptops.

To learn more about what you’re entitled to claim for, contact our expert team today.

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Join the hassle-free umbrella company

You’re in good hands with MSH Payroll. When you join us, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your payroll, tax and employment solutions are taken care of. We run up to 5 payrolls a day, so you’ll always be paid swiftly and since we’re available 6 days a week, help is never far away if you need it.


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  • “This is the first time I have contracted and I spoke with several umbrella companies but felt that the support I received from MSH went above and beyond when it came to answering questions and understanding my worries as a new contractor.”
    Fiona Kemp
    EA Executive Assistant
  • “I cannot recommend Michelle and her team highly enough, professional, personable and always on hand to answer my many queries and resolve any issues as quickly as possible to my benefit rather than the company’s. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. I have been contracting for over 15 years and I can honestly say that my time spent with MSHCS has been the most rewarding and stress-free to date. By far the best Umbrella Company I have used.”
    Mark Laing
    ETAC Collator